About Me!

Hi, I'm Key and this is my website! (if you can even call it that)

I'm an 18 year old girl who wanted to throw a wepbage together after seeing posts about neocities on tumblr.

I very passionate about art and theatre as well as throwing random HTML code together. I like to think I'm kinda good with digital art, and draw all the time. On the side, I perform in a lot of community theatre productions!

Despite all my art-related hobbies, I love the technical sides of things. Whether it's poking around in game files or getting into the guts of a computer, it's a ton of fun to me :)



I am insane about this game. The music, the story, the art style, the gameplay, It's literally my favorite right now. I play as Ayaka Kage on Siren if you ever see me hanging around.

In FFXIV, I main Warrior and play Reaper in high end content! (Warrior is the best job in the entire game btw.)

Some of my favorite characters include Y'shtola, Zero, Alphinaud & Alisae, Themis, Erichthonios, and Papalymo.


I'm still VERY early in the story right now, but dunmesh is SO much fun to read. And, based off what I've seen, I'm very excited to get further into it.

Ryoko Kui's art style is sooo pleasing to look at. Her character designs are so fun and I love the story so far!

My favorite character might be Marcille. The entire cast is super fun (and definitely very normal) but I just love Marcille's personality and design (does her hair change every volume?)


  • Elden Ring
  • Nier: Automata
  • Stardew Valley